Friday, February 19, 2010

Not so old afterall

I got carded today.  "So what?" you are probably saying, "Happens all the time".  Except, I got carded for buying a VIDEO GAME!

I asked the guy what the deal was and he said they had to card everyone who looked under 30 if they were buying a rated M game.

"Do I look under 30?" I asked.

"Yes you do." He replied.

"Thank you!" I said, and merrily went about the rest of my day.

Some days it's the simple things in life that keep you going.


  1. haha, I remember getting carded buying Diablo II, back in the day. I was young enough at that point so that it was maybe a legitimate question. More recently I tend to get: "just so you know, this game is M rated", which amuses me because I'm sure that doesn't cover the store's liability.

  2. Whatever. You ARE CLOSE TO 30. (or closer than me.)
    :) Still, you do look like you could be 30. Definitely.