Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dog Days

It's freakin' hot out there.  I actually cut my hour-ten run short by seven minutes today because I was starting to feel the effects and didn't want to end up in a bad state.  The heat was definitely beating me up and anytime I got my pace down to around the 7:20's my breathing would start to skyrocket.  Luckily I had the foresight to bring along some Gatorade but even that only helped out so much.

It's not that I was feeling bad during the run it's just that I could feel how limited I was in terms of pace.  It didn't matter what I wanted to do there was a hard limit set by the heat that I didn't dare try and break.  So how did it go overall?  My max heart rate hit an unheard of 201 bpm. 201!  Damn, that's just crazy talk for a run that averaged out at a 7:40 pace.

 I guess this is the part where I could say, "Hey, remember when we were all bitching about the cold and snow in December and how we couldn't wait for summer to get here?  Well you get what you ask for."  But then I would have to smack myself and tell myself to shut it.  No sense in lamenting about days gone by.  For now I'm going to get back to drinking another 60 ounces of fluids in an hour.  I told you it was hot out there.

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