Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nothing to report

Seriously, nothing. I went to Ortho today on the advice of my PT and their only advice is to wear a heel lift. Great. That's totally going to make it heal up really fast now! I figure I should be ready to run again just as the temperature turns from an unusually warm winter straight into -20 degrees. Being injured sucks. Being somewhat injured but knowing you can't run because you'll make it worse is just an excruciating agony.

So since I can't run I suppose I will be


  1. Wow, it's been going on two months now, huh? That's rough! Tops my achilles pain over the summer, for sure. I'm sure your patience will be well-rewarded with fast times in 2012 though.

  2. Sometimes you just have to wait it out...

    It will heal. Ibuprofen and icing might help a little, but mostly just some time off. Time to get on the bike trainer! :)