Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Norfolk Runs 5K

Last week I decided to run the 7th Annual Norfolk Runs 5K. It's a smaller race with all the proceeds going to the local DARE chapter so I thought it would be nice to do. A good chance to see how my running was coming along and to just get out and race again. It also didn't hurt that it takes place in my town and that I was knew the course by heart.

Turns out that the weather decided to cooperate and it was a great day for a run. When it was time we walked up the hill to the start line (thank you for not starting it at the bottom of the hill!) and got ready to go. It was a bit odd that as I looked around at the people at the front with me there were like three women who clearly weren't in it to win and a bunch of 10 year olds. Ok, we'll just see how this turns out. The race began and what did the 10 year olds do? They shot forward as if out of a cannon. A few seconds later when they hit the wall I passed them and we began to settle into our pace.

A few people passed me early on but I was feeling good and running strong. about a half mile in the lead woman went by me but that would be it for the rest of the race. I had no idea what my pace was at this point; my Garmin was acting squirrely so I opted to go with the ordinary watch. We hit mile one and I noted the 6:14. A bit faster than anticipated.

Halfway and I passed Jackson on the side cheering me on. That buoyed my spirits and gave me a bit of a lift to get up the big hill that was waiting. It was just after that the downhill on the other side that I began to notice that that woman that had passed my not only wasn't getting any farther away but I was pretty sure that I was closing in on her. Hmm. Yup, I definitely was getting closer. A plan was hatched. Being familiar with the course I knew what I would do; I would continue to close on her up the slight incline and try to get as close as I could through the last hill over the railroad bridge. From there it was all downhill and I could hopefully power past.

I set the plan into action and ended up behind her a little too soon so I hung off her shoulder. After the bridge I turned on the jets, which I was surprised to find I still had, and made my move. At first I thought she may hang on but no, I was able to overtake her with ease. I made the last turn into the parking lot and into the chute at 19:53. Alright!

Jen and Catie were waiting for me so I went over to them and they told me I was 6th. Cool, I had no idea! Maybe that means I got an age group award. We waited until they posted the results and I excitedly ran up to see, could it be, maybe? No. Places 2 through 6 were all 30-39 year old males; I was fifth in my age group. Damn you 30 year old men! No worries. I ran well, I felt pretty good, and I was really happy with the results. All in all a good days run.

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