Thursday, July 4, 2013

Catskills for the Fourth

We are camping* in the Catskills this Fourth of July week with some of Jen's family. I figured it would be a great opportunity to get in some quality running, biking, and swimming. Turns out that there is no lake swimming anywhere in upstate NY. I'm not kidding. I asked around and everyone looked at me like I say crazy. Apparently New Yorkers fear the water.

As for running and biking, I will do another post on the first run but suffice to say, age the second hour I began to wonder if I would ever find my way back. At least the rain had mostly stopped by that time.

And the hills, my lord the hills! For every 30 seconds of downhill I swear there was 5 minutes of uphill. My Gamin says that the elevation gain and loss was even but I suspect that it is a filthy liar. The Catskills may not technically be mountains but I think someone forgot to tell them that.

After a long, long run on Monday and a nice but really freakin hilly ride on Tuesday my legs were aching like an old woman. Yesterday's run helped loosen them up but every workout in this area is like being in a race: it is laying waste to my legs.

So many lakes, so little swimming. What the hell New York?

And then there are all the ultra hassidic Jews that live in the area. That's a whole nother story.

*by camping I mean staying in a camper with ac and electricity.

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