Thursday, December 24, 2009


That's where my running has been recently. In the past 3 weeks I have been battling two different colds and as such I haven't run more than 30 miles in three weeks.   For the past two weeks I've had some sort of respiratory thing going on that has impacted my breathing and leaves me with a terribly fun cough. Not ideal for running in the cold so I have taken it easy.

Unfortunately not running and holiday food consumption has led me to become a bit rolly-polly in the middle. Time to get back out there. I did a good four miles today around the frozen Charles and it felt good. The coughing fit afterwards wasn't as bad as it has been. I'm going to have to pick the mileage up though if I want to be in any shape for Derry. Which just happens to have been picked as the first race of the year for the GNRC grand prix.

Nice choice. How long did it take you to come up with the hardest race possible run in the dead of winter?  16 miles is always a great way to start the new year off.

Merry Christmas everbody!


  1. sounds like my run mileage lately. That Derry race sounds fun though...would love to join you guys for that some time. Hope your nasty cold bugs disappear soon. Happy New year!!!

  2. Don't worry.. You'll be back in shape in no time. I hope all that great food at Christmas was good! I'm still eating cheesecake daily. Just little bites. It's hard to stop once you get going. Eating that is. LOL.. See you around I hope.