Monday, January 11, 2010

I am a lazy bastard

You may have noticed that I haven't posted anything since Christmas.  The reason for that is the title of today's post.

I got hit with a crappy cold that settled into my chest and made any running end with violent coughing fits.  So I cut back.  But it still didn't go away so I cut back more.  And got lazy.  And ate too much.

And here we are.

So I scrubbed Derry from my calendar since I haven't done more than 7 miles in a long time.  But that's ok, I wasn't all that commited to it anyways.  It's back to basics time.  I'm out there hitting the pavement (and snow) and working on getting back into race shape, which could take awhile due to a slight case of overindulgence.  But nonetheless, good to be on the roads again.

In positive news, I have registered our team for the inaugural 13Relay which will take us from Quincy to Provincetown over two days this May.  Somehow I was made a captain even though I have the organizational skills of a squirrel (good at collecting things, not so good at remembering them).  It should be a good time even though I have no idea what to expect.  200 miles?  Piece of cake.


  1. starting the grand prix out in a hole, eh? :-)

  2. No grand prix for you this year, Putt!
    Thanks for running with me Saturday!

  3. You will be in shape in no time. It sounds like you guys will have a very good team. Sorry that I can't be part of. Keep on running and bloging!!!