Friday, April 16, 2010

The Bikilas have landed

After months of speculation and rumor, word came down today that the City Sports on Boylston St was the first place on the planet to start selling the Vibram Bikila, the first Vibram designed specifically for running.  I squirmed around in my cube for the next hour and then ran out to see if it was true.  It was.

I decided not to go with the funky blue and yellow ones and instead got their last pair of size 42.  The size 41 were way too tight so I went with the bigger size.  Unfortunately the right one is slightly loose in the mid section but feels ok in the forefoot.  The left one feels good so far.

First impression is that the virtually seam-free liner is comfortable and should lead to significantly less blisters than other Vibram models.  As for ground feel, I do not get the same sensation of being virtually barefoot as I do with the KSOs.  The extra material between my foot and the ground is a noticeable change.  The KSOs feel very similar to being barefoot while the Bikilas have so far felt more like a very light shoe.

You can see the difference in the thickness of the soles

So far I have only been able to do some short jogs on the way back from the store so I will have to wait to comment on how they feel during runs.

It's kinda nice knowing that I am one of the very first person in the world to have a pair of these.

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