Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another year, another BQ lost

I finally got in to see the podiatrist today (after a 45 minute wait) about my foot. Naturally it was feeling great all day long with nary a twinge or wince, but that's beside the point. I told her about my running style, got a bad reaction from her when I mentioned barefoot running, and another when I told her I had done a mile last Thursday. On to the exam. After some pulling, stretching, and poking she was still perplexed. The foot was still visibly swollen and warm (six weeks later!) but it wasn't hurting today.

Then she asked "Did you hear a pop when it hurt?"

"Yeah. Didn't I say that?"  Her scowl was my answer. My bad.

Diagnosis: a tear (or something) between two of my bones in the middle of the foot. Remedy: wear boots for the next month.  Seriously. Hiking boots.  Every day. In July. Joy of joys.

But at least now I know. No Mt Washington. No July 4th race at Gilette Stadium. No Falmouth. Bye bye Boston qualifying. And this was totally my year.

Positive news though, biking isn't totally out. Kind of a grey area there. And she said I had great runners feet. Just the kind you want to run on. So I got that going for me.


  1. Wow. really? Hiking boots? That's why I don't go to get my feet checked. :)
    I had major pain from Sept. until just before Florida in May on the ball of my left foot. I went to the doc in December, who took x-rays and said it was "foot pain" and that I should rest. Kinda like the advice "wear hiking boots".
    So I kept running.
    It went away during taper for Florida. ? Who knows. It will probably be back next week. I say--fuck them docs. Just keep running.
    Of course, biking is good too! A new frontier!

  2. That sounds painful even if it wasn't painful today.

    You WERE kidding about the hikig boots right?

  3. Can you go hiking w/ those sexy boots??? By the way biking is not that bad. I have an entry level rode bike, which I'm pretty happy with!!!