Friday, August 20, 2010

The slow recovery

The foot recovery has been going maddeningly slow.  I have managed to get back to my normal 4 mile loop around the Charles but I can only manage to do this for a day or two at a time before the foot starts to hurt again.  The flare-ups on top of my foot are expected, I didn't think that it was completely healed and past experience has shown me that ligament damage tends to take forever to really heal.  But what has me most worried is that after a couple days of running a pain starts in the ball of my foot behind the second toe.  This was the part of the injury that was really painful.  It had cleared up much quicker than the top of the foot and unfortunately it was pain-free by the time I got to see the doctor so it was pretty much dismissed.  Now that it comes back after some runs it has me nervous that things aren't as healed up as I thought.

This means that for every two days I run I have to take at least one day off just to get back to a "normal" state; normal being only a dull ache on the top of my foot and no pain in the ball.  Of course this means that  settling into a schedule is very difficult since I have to evaluate my condition after every run.  Highly annoying.

With that said: I think I may actually run a race this weekend.  The Butterfly 5K is Sunday and I have always enjoyed this net-downhill run.  It's for a good cause too so I might go ahead and have some fun with it.  Of course "running" the race this year does not mean I will be shooting to beat the 18:40 I ran at that race last year. Because of all of the reasons stated above I am looking forward to just being able to get out to a race and to run with other people.  I've missed the fun of racing.

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  1. Run slow and have tons of fun. No need to prove anything to the world. I know and our club members know that you are a fast and awesome runner.. Happy weekend..