Monday, November 22, 2010


Vacation continues with only minor annoyances that come from sharing a house with four sub-5 year old kids. But at least they have inspired me to go long this week; 35 miles on the bike yesterday and two-and-a-half hour run this morning. Tomorrow I plan on a 40 mile bike and it has absolutely nothing to do with wanting to get away for several hours. Really, I swear.

The north fork of Long Island is a pretty decent place to run and bike. There are basically three main roads running East to West and a bunch that intersect them. This leads to some long stretches that I can hammer down which is a big change from Norfolk where it can be a challenge to find a nice long stretch. There's also beaches on both sides here which is always fun to see. All I need is the wind to die down and conditions will be nearly ideal.
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