Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What to Do

What to do...

The eternal question.  I look out at the blogosphere and am greeted by throngs of people posting their year plans full of which races they will be running culminating in the big year-end challenge.  Seriously, how the hell do you plan so far out?  I can barely keep track of what day it is let alone schedule what I will be doing in October.  It's enough right now that I have a vague notion that there are some sorts of races happening between now and then but I honestly have no idea what they would be.

So in other words, it's time to get my act together and make a plan.

Alright, with that said I think I will take the first step for 2011.  I am going to sign up for the Hyannis marathon in February and I am going to run the hell out of it.  Well, maybe, I may actually just run the purgatory out of it but you get the idea.  Why not start with a marathon?  All the fun of a 10K with 20 extra miles added on!

I keep getting asked if I am going to run Derry and once again I find myself torn.  It sounds like a race I would like and I find myself gravitating towards it, but again I am wavering about it and seem to need a reason to do it. Part of my problem is that I have really scaled back the racing I plan on doing and just never put it on my radar.  Hmm, time is running out so I will have to think on this one.  Meanwhile, the waffling will continue unabated.


  1. Cool, I'll be running the half at Hyannis this year! I'm also still waffling about Derry, but leaning towards yes. Not really to kill it, just to see if I can go out and run a marathon-goal-pace kind of race at it.

  2. I just talked to Mel C at the pool this morning. We are both doing Derry. You should do it!
    I'm still struggling to run faster than 9 minute pace on a training run, so it won't be a fast one for me. But who cares! It's a great training run with friends.