Thursday, January 6, 2011

2010 Year In Review: The Good Stuff

In my last post I mostly complained about how 2010 was a sucky year but I also intimated that there were some good things that happened.  Lest you think that it was all doom and gloom here's the stuff that went right in 2010.

13 Relay:  I had a great time as the captain of the Strawberry Hill Striders.  This was my first relay experience and it was just crazy being surrounded by all of these people whose only goal for the weekend was to run and have fun.  Although I had to suffer through agonizing pain and spent the weekend with a bag of ice strapped to my foot, it is definitely an experience I am glad to have been a part of.  One part that sticks out with me was the exchange where I would be running my second leg.  As I limped my way over to the area one of the volunteers (all of whom were dressed as superheroes) asked me if I would was ok and if I could make it through the run.  I thought about it for a second and just said "I guess we'll find out" and then big Dan Bair was handing me the bracelet and I was off like a wounded albatross.  Good times.

James Joyce Ramble and the Old Fashion 10 Miler: These two races went about as good as I could hope for.  With all of the work I had put in during 2009 I came into 2010 rearing to go and I was able to post some great times here.  For some reason I really like the 10 Miler and I think this was the first time I was able to do sub-7 minute miles over double digit miles; I will admit  I was quite pleased with that. The Ramble was all new to me, and I had decided to do it in my Bikilas, so once again I was really pleased with my performance and my first 40 minute 10K.  The year held so much promise!  If only I didn't get injured!  Oh yeah, that would happen two days later.

New Bedford Half Marathon:  I don't know why but but good thoughts never pop into my head when I think about the New Bedford Half.  Not that it has ever been bad to me, maybe its just that it's New Bedford.  As a matter of fact this years race was really good to me, well, in actuality it didn't do anything, I taught that race a lesson by burning up the course!  It was that race that I was able to reach one of my minor goals (I have a whole system of major and minor goals.  It is complicated and needs too many flowcharts to adequately explain here).  My final time was 1:30:31, a 6:54 pace.  I have been lusting after a 90 minute half since the first one I ran and I had finally done it.  If this had been a flat course I would have easily broken the 90 minute mark, a major goal of mine for the Half.  This definitely stands out as a highlight of the year.

BayState Marathon: I ran this and felt good the whole race (except for some minor cramping).  So what makes this a highlight?  I was running again, and running a marathon after only about 8 weeks of real training.  That's what and that is enough.

Felt B16.  I ended up buying the bike after needing a way to get back in shape without putting stress on my foot.  It has become a part of my training and I believe that being able to put all that extra time into training helped me pull out a 1st AG at the 5K over Thanksgiving.  I fully intend to keep using it as a way of expanding my training without adding stress on my body.  Besides, the bike is freaking sweet and I love it.  I mean honestly, just look at it.  So sexy.

And that's what was good about 2010.  Here's hoping that this time next year this type of post will be three times as long while the list of bad parts will be too small to write.  Happy New Year; Be safe, Have fun, Run fast.


  1. Dude, those are some smoking fast times. :) And the FElT... well it is a great bike!

  2. Nice bike. Happy Health New Year!