Saturday, January 29, 2011


As I was running today I was plotting my latest blog entry and planned on calling it "Oops, I Did It Again".  You see, I decided to go out and do 15 with Zac and David again knowing full well how fast they were and how much it wrecked me last time.  But I soldiered on and gave it my best shot and we cruised along until mile 11, and then they abandoned my ass.  Now to be fair to myself, miles 10-13 I was doing a 7:30 or less pace so I wasn't exactly phoning it in but regardless I was an anchor slowing them down and was cast aside like a hunk of jetsam.  And to that I say:

And I did go home; seven miles later.  But really I am just kidding (not about the abandoned part though) I don't want to slow anyone down and there was no way I could keep up their pace so it was a win-win for everyone, even if the last few miles were lonely.

While I am thinking of post I had planned to write (and never quite got around to) there was this one I intended on calling "Dude('s Foot) Looks Like A Lady".  With the crappy weather and all of the snow this winter it has been a real challenge to get in a good run so I was excited to try out a new route that I plotted which would take me through MIT, over the river, and down Comm Ave.  Figuring that these were heavily traveled areas there should be less ice than the frozen ice sheets that cover the path along the Charles.  I pulled out all of my clothes and began to get dressed, finally taking out my socks and, wait a minute.  What's this?  As I unrolled my socks I quickly noticed that something was amiss.  One of them was the expected running sock but the other one, well, that was a dress sock!  On further inspection it wasn't just a dress sock, it was a lady's dress sock!  For shame!  So I did what any normal runner would do; pulled it on, laced on my shoes, went running and hoped the blisters wouldn't be too bad.  

They weren't.  And the route was pretty good too.


  1. oh... sorry about that. But you kept up with them for 11 miles! That is awesome!
    I find the busy roads are clearer, but also filled with slush. I've had many an ice slush bath this week.
    glad you got your run in despite your lady sock. :)

  2. Well next time come and run with me. I need a speedy demon next Saturday. I will probably slow you down and you will abandoned me!! The sock issue is not too bad. Imagine not having your running shoes that would have been another big problem..

  3. Hehehee.

    "Dude('s Foot) Looks Like A Lady".

    What? You don't like to be dropped like a heavy bucket of water?