Monday, September 26, 2011

Injured, again

Last week I ran the CVS Downtown 5K and it went really well. Better than I had expected actually. Although I just missed getting into the 17:00s I was excited about how well I ran and my big new PR. Life was looking up! And then I woke up on Monday and just went "Ow. What the deuce is this?" Apparently I had managed to injure myself again, pretty badly from the feel of it. Every time I moved the muscle there was a good deal of pain and there was obvious visible swelling around it. This did not bode well for me.

I've been dealing with an achilles problem for about seven months now and that has provided me with enough pain in my daily life so I could do without another injury right now. Not to mention that I am merely weeks away from the marathon. But unlike injuries of the past I wasn't freaking out just yet because, you see, this time the injured part of my body was my wrist. My pre-pubescent girlish wrists had finally decided to give out on me. I don't know what caused this particular problem, I think it was the yard work I had been doing, or why it was perfectly fine Sunday but flared up Monday, I suspect running the race aggravated it, but it's become really annoying.

Just how is it that a wrist injury can hinder or be affected by running anyways? Well, every time I flex it or move it there is a jolt of pain and since you swing your arms several thousand times over the course of a marathon... I think you can see where I am going here. I've been keeping it in a brace but you just know it is a bad sign when after completing 24 miles yesterday Jen looked over at me from about 5 feet away and was shocked to be able to actually see from that distance how swollen it was. Not good.

Luckily this is a wrist injury and not a foot or leg injury because it would have been a show stopper. But it still hurts like a bastard so let's hope it clears up before BayState.

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