Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Obligatory Whiny Post

Last month my PT and I came to the same conclusion, there was nothing more she could do for me. I was better than when I started but progress on the Achilles had all but stopped. So we bid each other a fond farewell and I went off to revisit the Ortho to see what could be done. Several X-rays (now in digital!) later she pretty much said that I was a good case for some minor surgery. Ok, not pretty much, she flat out said that it was the best idea at this point. So I walked five feet over and made my appointment with the podiatrist happy that I could finally move forward and fix this. Except that her first appointment wasn't for another two months. God dammit.

Two freaking months. Which of course means that I would get to see her in two months, then there would be another huge delay to schedule surgery, if she even recommends it, then the time to recovery. Which means I'm looking at some huge amount of time still not running.

Well screw that, I'm going to start call around to other doctors. So I did. And every single one was a longer wait than the last. WTF. You gotta be kidding me here. Seven months after I began treating this thing and I still have to wait at least another two months for a chance to fix it. I hate doctors with the passion of a burning star.

Well, not these Doctors of course


  1. Damn is right. It sounds like you are getting the downside of the US and Canadian health care systems and the upside of neither. What exactly are they calling it? Achilles tendinopathy?

  2. They haven't really given me a definitive diagnosis. Either Achilles tendinopathy or an issue with the bursa. I was hoping the podiatrist could be more specific.