Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Same sh...stuff

Different day.

Yesterday was the highly anticipated appointment with the podiatrist to come up with a plan on how to fix this nagging Achilles issue. Two months of waiting just to get to see her and I was confident and ready that we could begin to put this long ordeal behind me. Huzzah! progress!

Yeah, not so much. She looked at it, confirmed that yes, there was still some inflammation and that the x-rays definitely showed a slight bone spur. But it's a mild case so let's just go ahead and give it another six months. Umm, excuse me? Your advice is to do more of nothing? Exactly what I have been doing for the past 5 months and haven't seen any improvement in the past 3? Sorry but that is just unacceptable. So I pushed back a bit and  we talked about the surgery option, which while minor definitely is a huge step to take. But at least I wanted to get it out that I wasn't too happy about sitting around waiting.

Finally I just straight up said that I have Boston to run in 2013, I don't have time to sit around not running. I explained that not running it was not an option since it was the first time I have qualified. That made her feel a bit bad so she knocked the waiting period down to three moths. Still, that sucks. I'd hoped to be back on the roads by now to give my self a full year of training. Each month that goes by puts me further from where I hope to be come April 2013. Luckily the days are getting longer, the weather warmer and biking has no ill-effect on the foot so I can get out riding. A poor substitute for a good run, I know, but I've been lucky enough to get out and do some riding this past week and it has been great to be out exercising again.

So the frustration with this situation continues unabated and I am continuing to look for ways to speed up the recovery. Mostly though it is a struggle to come to terms that no matter what happens my 2012 running season is effectively cancelled and at best I will be fit enough to start training again sometime in the second half of the year.

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