Monday, April 9, 2012


Now that Easter is over and I have consumed a good amount of sugar I figured that it was time to try and reclaim a semblance of fitness again. The fact that I have a checkup today and my doctor is probably going to laugh at my jiggly mid-section had nothing to do with this decision at all.

Vile Sugary Temptress!
Since I am still not running (insert appropriate grumbling sounds here) I thought about my best options for getting back in shape. Swimming? No pool. Biking? Still too cold for my taste. Modern pentathlon training? Tempting, but my horse is in the shop. What can I do at home, with minimal equipment? Hmm; I got it! P90X! I've done it before so I should easily be able to do it again.

Seriously, he will
Seems I forgot about that part. This post alone has taken me three hours to write due to the fact that I can only move my arms in a 12 degree arc. P90X doesn't have an adjustment period at the beginning. You just get out there and start banging out as many reps as you can. It would be like training for a marathon by running twenty miles every day without ever building up to it and occasionally doing it backwards just so you don't get burnt out. Oh, and yoga. Goddamn that yoga.

But I will persevere! Summer is coming and the current state of my body is scary. I'll keep working out and getting stronger. For now though, most workouts will probably end up like this:

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