Wednesday, February 13, 2013


So I haven't posted anything in a bit. Ok, more like forever. Here's the quick and dirty version of what I have been up to.

First off, real life: I finally got that promotion that I should have gotten 3 years ago. Strange thing about that, absolutely nothing at work has changed. Still doing the same thing but now I can afford a few extra pairs of running shoes.

Alright, when last we met I had just run the CVS Downtown 5k and was mildly pleased with the results. From there I continued to train being ever mindful to slowly up the mileage and pace so as not to aggravate the injured Achilles. Soon it was time for the Ho Ho Ho 5K and I was excited to run it. I planned on hitting a 7 minute pace and putting in a solid show. But the guy in front of me decided to go a wee bit faster so I stuck to him and then turned on the jets for the final mile and ended up twelfth overall with a 20:36. Alright! Getting back in shape!

And of course that didn't last. I went out for a normal run one day and ended up with sharp stabbing pain in my heel. That basically put my training on hold for a few weeks while I cut down on mileage and intensity to make sure I didn't do anything stupid like re-injure myself. Eventually it cleared up but the email from the BAA informing me that the marathon was 10 weeks away was most definitely not welcome news. I was way behind on my training at this point and getting nowhere fast.

I should also mention that up until this point I had been dealing with a severe case of shin splints. It didn't stop me from running but it certainly stopped me from doing any serious training. Damn things really hurt.

A few weeks ago everything started to clear up though. My heel/Achilles was feeling pretty good, the shin splints were getting much better and I was looking forward to really train. So I did. The past two weeks I have felt good and have got some great runs in. The Old Fashioned Ten Miler is this Sunday and I plan on using it to test where I am at endurance-wise. That is, I was planning on using it as a litmus test, right up until yesterday. I went for an 8.8 mile run (totally didn't mean to go that far) through the puddles and slush and snow which was fun but as soon as I stopped I realized there was a pretty bad pain in what I think is my Adducter muscle in my hip/groin. And it still hurts, which totally sucks.

So right now I am dead in the water. Running will definitely make this worse so I have to wait and see. I'm hoping that it is just overuse and a few days of rest will clear it up, I really don't want to skip the OFTM but I really don't want to screw it all up and miss the marathon. FML.

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