Monday, February 16, 2009

Old Fashioned Whoopass

Well, not really, but I did do quite well at the Old Fashioned 10Miler. Set out to do around 8min/mile but after I hit the first mile marker and they called out 7:20 I decided to just keep it up. Long story short, I finished up with a 1:14:22; 7:24/mile. Not too shabby. The whole race felt good and this was my first real test for the marathon.

I went out and did 4.25 miles today which wasn't a great idea. The calves still hurt from yesterday. Oowie. No complaints from the Inguinals though, so it is full steam ahead!

Edit: I failed to mention that my lovely family was there at both the start and the finish to cheer me on. Thanks to the family! (is that enough kissing up Jen?) Props to Jackson for the big poster he made helping me along.

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