Sunday, September 20, 2009

Norwood Hospital - Fin

Race turned out well. I set out to do an easy pace, but then the race started and I abandoned that idea, again.

As I got close to the half point (it was an out and back) the leader was easily a hundred yards ahead of anyone else. He was flying. I had been feeling a bit tired due to the 10 mile warmup but started feeling stronger the further into the race.

Around mile 3 towards the top of the rather long hill I started a duel with an older guy. He'd pass me, I'd pass him and so on. Eventually he kept the lead but then we hit the downhill and I turned it on. Kicking it in I cruised down the hill and left him in the dust. Pulled out a 16th place finish which was just fine with me.

A notable finish: Tracey captured second place female. Excellent job. Sorry about not being there to cheer you on during the awards but in my defense, I'm an idiot and can't be trusted with anything.

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