Friday, September 18, 2009

Split workout

Monday I did a split workout.  I had planned on doing a long run on Sunday but then Tim stayed over and we ended up hanging out and doing some geocaching with the kids.  Good times.  That left me to do my twelve on Monday.  Naturally work wouldn't let me take a day to go running so I had to split it up between lunchtime and after work.  6 miles each run.  Both runs felt pretty good and I put in a decent pace; 7:45/mile during lunch and around 7:50/mile that evening.

Now as some of you know, I have been having some issues with my legs and particularly my right leg.  I believe it is due to some pronation so I concentrated on the two runs on keeping my leg straight and not rolling as much.  Worked out good except that now the outside of my knee hurt because I was changing up my stride.  No big deal, just sore.  Or so I thought.

Tuesday I embarked on a gentle run at lunch.  I didn't even make it a mile before stopping.  My knee was absolutely killing me.  Nice move there, way to ruin another part of the body.  I am such a dumbass.

Needless to say, Wednesday I did not run.

But Thursday felt great.  I did a fast 5.8 or so.  Excellent.  I had decided to stop destroying my knee and try out the SuperFeet insoles I had previously bought to try and control the pronation.  I haven't been a huge fan of the insoles because the arch support has felt strange and in the wrong place before.  In this new pair of shoes they felt ok.  It still felt as if there was something under my foot the whole run but it never got painful.  I think they helped a bit and the run was mostly ouch free.  I feel ok (not great but ok) today so I guess it worked.

Another big weekend coming up.  Norwood Hospital 4 Miler (4? 5? whatever) on Saturday and then the CVS Caremark Downtown 5K on Sunday in Providence.  I scored number 283 for the CVS 5K which is pretty cool.  I guess they expect me to actually run fast being up there in the front.  Well I guess I fooled them!

Catie and I hitting the pavement at the 2008 Downtown 5K.  Look at how excited she is!

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