Sunday, January 17, 2010

Good things

It was a good week overall. The mileage has started to creep back up and I was able to get in a few 6 milers this week. Friday was a particular treat as the weather warmed up enough that I ran in just shorts and a long sleeve instead of the normal winter gear. My legs still turned bright red because of the wind but it was good to be in shorts again.

Wednesday I did about 5 miles and made a few of them fast to start getting back into speed work. That took a bit more effort than it should. I haven't done a race since early December and no speed work since then so my body seems to have forgotten about the joys of pushing it.  Need to ease back into the fast stuff but need to do it soon, the Foxborough 10 miler isn't that far off.

So long story short, so far so good.

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