Friday, January 29, 2010

This is a test of hats

Sort of.  I'm testing something out so I needed to post something new.

While I am here though I might as well post an update.  My knees hurt and I don't know why.  They started on Monday and have been sore the past few runs.  I blame the weather but that is pretty much a cop out.  So I took it easy the past couple of days to let them rest.  Tomorrow I am looking forward to a run with the group in what is going to be bitter, bitter cold.

It was so cold this morning that on the short walk from the T to work I couldn't stop my eyes from tearing up.  Normally this only happens when I start to dwell on Old Yeller's fate, but this time it was definitely because of the freezing wind blowing across Government Center Plaza.  Tomorrow should be interesting since the weather report says it will feel like -9 degrees.  I should probably wear a hat.

Speaking of hats: a British law was implemented in 1732, called The Hat Act, restricting the manufacturing of hats in the colonies of America.  This was done to protect the fiber industry in England.  Acts such as this and others restricting clothing manufacturing (for anything besides modest daily-wear clothes) in the colonies guaranteed that there was no clothing industry in the colonies.  When George Washington was due to be inaugurated as the first US President he wanted to wear a suit made entirely in the US.  Unfortunately there were no American tailors capable of doing this so he was forced to bring in a European tailor to make the suit out of American made cloth.

And that is your history lesson for today.

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