Thursday, March 4, 2010

Adventures in Niketown

I'd heard good things about the Nike Frees (you know who you are) so I finally decided to check them out.  Off I went to City Sports to try a pair on.  First pair was a size 10.  They didn't even get half way on my foot before I knew they were too tight.  I was aware that Nike tends to run a bit narrow so it didn't faze me, I had asked him to bring me a 10.5 just in case.  I pulled on the 10.5 and walked around.  Hmm.  They seemed a bit tight but I wasn't sure.  So I bought them.

Back at the office I slipped them on and began to walk around in them.  Within minutes pain was shooting up my legs, these things were way too tight.  For some reason I have an uncanny ability to convince myself that those doubts I feel while trying on shoes are completely wrong and to think positive.  And then as soon as I get the shoes home I realize that my first instincts were totally correct and I should have listened to myself.  It's a perpetual cycle with me.  So back the shoes went.

But I figured, while I am here I'll try on the elevens.  Not only were they still too tight but they were now too long and a bit loose in the heel.  And yet I still managed to convince myself to buy them.  I will be paying them another visit today to return them and just give up on the whole endeavor.

This is what is so maddeningly frustrating to me, this search for shoes that fit and are comfortable.  They're usually too narrow but even when I can find any in a wider size then I usually have to deal with a loose heel or some other part that is uncomfortable.  At this point I want to just build my own shoe so at least I know the damn things would fit.  I hate the constant compromise with all the shoes I buy; this pair fits ok except for the heel in the right shoe or this pair is good but my toe rubs against the stitching, etc.  I am so envious of all the people that can just try on a pair, they feel good, and off they go.  It's at least a freakin' three week process every time I buy a new pair.

Oh, and when I tried on a pair of the Vibram Five Fingers I learned that I am one of the lucky 10% that also has Morton's Toe.  So I got that goin' for me, which is nice.  But not really.


  1. I have that Morton's Toe too. It's really pretty. Plus it goes numb every time I run--and is the cause of my metatarsal pain. Do you ever have fantasize about just chopping it off?
    Nikes are narrow. I got the Frees a size too big--and that has helped--but I still think they are too narrow, especially when my feet swell from running too long.
    I wish I had a good suggestion. Maybe you could try running in a racing shoe? I have a pair of really light Sauconys that I like--not a lot of heel, and Sauconys don't run narrow. ? maybe?

  2. When I was at the starting line at Hyannis I saw a guy in wool socks with "soles" made out of duct tape. You could always try that :-)

    (He was an old dude, too)

  3. Don't think that I haven't contemplated the duct tape route. Just not sure exactly how to do it.

  4. How did I not notice that you broke down and bought the shoes? Are you storing them at your office now so I won't count them in the inventory? :)

  5. The right advice is: Mary's.
    Train in racing shoes.

  6. New balance has Wide Sizes. Maybe they have a racing flat.