Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First Run in the KSOs

Previously I had mentioned that the size 42 Vibram KSOs didn't work out too great because they were a bit big.  So I got a pair of size 41.  There is one small difference:


Bam!  They've been camouflaged for increased urban stealth!

Putting them on I noticed right away that they were definitely a lot more snug, especially in the right foot.  The left feels great but the right feels a bit tight and possibly a bit short.  My toes are brushing against the top of the toe pockets and when I flex they are right up against them.  This concerned me but a few other owners I talked to said to give them time and they should loosen up.

Today I took them on their first run; a 2.25 mile jaunt around town.  Oh the joy! Oh the freedom! Oh the pain!  I have to keep myself in check or else I'm going to blow out a calf muscle.  The issues with the length of the shoes didn't seem to come in to play at all; I didn't notice any pain or discomfort in my toes.  I did start to feel some cramping in the pad of my right foot because the shoe is a bit tight, but I am hopeful that it is something that will work itself out as the shoe stretches.

Overall I was happy with their performance on the first run.  It certainly is going to take some time to get used to and I need to build up what I thought were some pretty strong calves so that I can cut free and really get out running.  These things are so light that it really does feel like there is nothing on my feet.  What a feeling.

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