Monday, March 22, 2010

St. Pat's 5k

Saturday I ran the St. Pat's 5k in downtown Providence.  The weather could not have been any better, sunny and 70.  While not great for running it was perfect for being outside and getting a sunburn.  The race starts right next to the State House and goes all the way down Smith St, turns around, and comes right back.  The turnout was about 3000 people so it was pretty packed.  Come race time I made my way to the front and got ready to go.

Off went the asthmatic air-horn and I tried to settle in to my pace.  Since I had a half-marathon to do the next day I planned on running strong, but not trying to chase any records, maybe a 6:15-6:20 pace.  Just before mile 1 I made a mental note that the Mexican place was selling tacos for $2 and then I noted that my mile split was a straight 6:00.  A bit fast, time to cool it down.  I felt a bit toasted but hung in there for an uneventful 2.1 more miles.

On the return trip I passed by Jen and gave her an encouraging high-five as she ran by me in the opposite direction on her way to challenge her own 5K PR.  Soon enough the finish line was in sight so I gave it a little kick and crossed the mat at 19:32.  Right where I had hoped to be.  After watching the rest of the gang cross the finish line we made our way over to the sponsor pub for some refreshing Guinness and to watch the parade.  Every race should end with beer and parades.  Or at least just the beer.

Too much racing and partying.

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