Sunday, May 2, 2010

Second exchange

Van 2 has completed the second exchange with Van 1 and we are off to rest. Dan Bair came shuffling out of the mist at 5AM and it was down to me to close out that leg. As I limped my way to the exchange they asked if I was going to be ok.

"I'll find out.  Only ten more miles to beer!"  Then Dan was on me and off I went.

And it hurt. Bad. My foot was sbooting pain with every step. This caused strain on my right calf because it was doing all the work. At 1.25 a girl with sparkly blue lights caught up to me and said she was impressed that I was running hurt. I had to or someone else would have to pick it up I told her.

Around 2.25 I was hitting my stride and began to pass people. A few here, a few there. Chopping them down and stacking them up, I was later told that Don exclaimed.

I was able to hold a 7 minujte pace. Not ideal but the foot was only mildly uncomfortable. I cruised into the exchange area as the sun began to rise and the birds began to sing. I was happy to habd it off to Michele and be done with that leg.

As I stepped away from the exchabge I could feel my foot bwgin to tingle. By the time I got to the van it was back to crippling pain. There seems to be a bit more swelling now and I can't walk again but that leg helped us as I passed 14 other runners. Steadily we are cruising up the ranks with almost 70 teams behind us. One more Van 2 leg to go.

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  1. I am so proud of you guys, what an effort you are showing individually and as a team. Hang in there and keep the ice on that foot honey, and I will personally have more beer waiting for you when you get home tonight (and the foot massager).