Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Final Countdown

17 hours to go until the start of my fifth marathon. Right now the weather forecast is calling for low thirties and snow. At least the rain they were talking about seems to be missing us. I can deal with snow but rain sucks.
I'm still not entirely sure what to shoot for as a pace, I may push it and see what happens. My long runs have all been good so I am interested in seeing what I can do. Whatever happens it will all be over by this time tomorrow.

And that won't be soon enough for everyone around me. As marathons get closer I tend to get obsessive about my behavior. No caffeine for at least a week before the race, I cut back on the beer (and that is the worst), and I limit what I eat to keep the weight down. None of those things really help to lift my mood much. The closer it gets to race day the more I get withdrawn as all my thoughts turn to what I am going to wear, or what my pace is going to be, or a hundred other things. Anything that isn't just how I want it makes me snippy and I take it out on those around me. Basically i'm a miserable crank.

So only one more night and 26.2 miles to go until I can get back to normal and stop driving everyone around me crazy.

And then Monday morning I can start planning for the next race.
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