Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Weather

I hate this time of year; when winter starts to come to an end and spring seems just around the corner.  Through many months we have steeled ourselves against the cold temperatures, the frosty winds, and (especially this year) the snow and ice.  But right about now the weather starts to change and it has trouble making up its mind about whether it is still winter or if it has now become spring.  Suddenly the temperature shoots up to fifty degrees.  Hurray!  Good times are here!  Then just as suddenly it is 5 again.  Boo.

But every time it gets warm we begin to lose that protective layer we have built up over these many months, shielding us from the numbing effects of the cold.  Two weeks ago 15 degrees was just another normal day.  Throw in a day or two of warm-up and now suddenly 20 degrees feels like the return of the ice age.  Wind is colder, mornings more miserable.  Without even realizing it I find that I am wearing my heavy gloves for a run when it is 20 degrees.  Only 20 degrees!  At the beginning of the winter it would have taken sub-10 to make me put them on.

As the sun stays higher in the day and the we get glimpses of the weather to come, my ability to withstand another frigid day, another storm, another cold commute begins to be whittled away until I reach a point where I just can't stand it anymore.  If spring doesn't get here pretty damn quick I'm either going to lose it completely or move to Florida.

But the last time I went to Florida it was 30 degrees, so I guess there is only one option left...

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  1. This speaks to my heart. sniffle sniffle!
    Exactly. Exactly! Monday was such a tease, and Tuesday... just freaking brutal. My shell is cracking!