Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chugging along

Did a really nice 20 miler on Sunday. Dave and Chele were having a yard sale so Jen decided to load up some stuff and head down Sunday morning to get rid of it. That worked out good for me because their house is about 19 miles away in Cumberland, RI so I figured I would just run to their house and meet them there. I mapped out a nice route that took me through and around the reservoir which gave me a large chunk of time off of the beaten path and away from the busy roads.

I stopped on the causeway overlooking the reservoir around mile 11.5 to text Jen and let her know where I was. I had to go to the bathroom so I hopped over the guardrail and down the embankment and was just about ready to go when the thought popped in my head, "this is a drinking reservoir". So I decided to spare the poor souls of Rhode Island and I went in the woods instead. They can thank me later.

Finished up the run and felt really good. The long runs have really been stringing me out lately so I was happy to feel energized and without many aches. All in all it was a really good run.

Not so much today. I did some speed-work and the weather just sapped my strength. I managed to bang out three speed intervals, two miles and one half, around 5 mile pace. I was supposed to do 3 full miles but started to get real tired and didn't feel like pushing while I still had a couple of miles left to get back to work. So I cut the last interval short and just jogged it back. Strangely enough I kept finding myself pushing the pace faster than I should have the whole way back so I guess my body kept trying to get in the last of the workout. Good for it.

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