Monday, August 17, 2009

Return to the run

I hadn't gone for a run in over a week before today. I took the conservative route and decided to rest my leg before the pain got any worse and led to a really serious injury. First thing I noticed is that it felt much better than it had the last time I ran but also that my leg definitely was not fully healed. It still felt as if someone was occasionally twisting my leg around and putting pressure on it. I still don't know if my stride has changed or my shoes are doing it or even if it was a response to some other injury that caused me to run a bit differently.

Last week was a total wash. I had planned on doing almost sixty miles with a nice long 24-miler on Saturday. Clearly none of that happened. Which makes me question my whole plan and whether it is tenable now that entire weeks are being rescheduled. I haven't been too excited by my performances in my training over the last month and as such have begun to question whether I should stick to my goal for BayState or just use it as another training race and concentrate on some as-of-yet unnamed marathon in the future. I've been real happy with all my race times but it just seems like the training is an uphill battle. Depending on how quickly I can bounce back I will need to decide soon since I am right in the middle of what should be the bulk of my training and yet here I am skipping a week.

Enjoy the heat out there everyone.

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  1. Hi Jeff. Sorry to hear your training is not going so well. It's hard to decide what to do at this point. I'm sure you will figure it out though.. Take care.


    p.s. I changed my blog name in case you haven't noticed