Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Curse of Bay State

Has struck a little earlier this time. Once again I have sustained an injury in my training for the BayState Marathon. This time it is pain that radiates from above my ankle, up along my shin to my knee. It started last week for no apparent reason and hasn't been getting much better. I took off Thursday and Friday to rest up for my long run and then set out Saturday to do 22 miles. It wasn't too bad during the run but when I stopped at 18.5 to drop all my kit at the car it was really screaming. I limped a bit before hitting my stride but there was definitely something wrong so wisely, although reluctantly, I ended the run after 20 miles.

Since then it has continued to hurt. I'm not sure if it is just a muscle thing, it feels like someone has twisted my leg around until the muscles tore, or if it is, and I barely dare to whisper this, a potential fracture of the shin. Just like I had in high school. I don't think it is because it seems to affect my knee occasionally so I hope it is just muscle pain. Either way it is totally screwing up my schedule and it looks like I have an unexpected slow week on my hands for this week. And by slow I mean that I haven't run since Saturday and am not sure when I should again.

The memories of being sidelined for six months by an injury last time are still fresh and it's really pissing me off. I wouldn't mind so much if my body would just pick one injury and stick with it. That way I could just brush it off saying "oh, it does that". But no, always have to have a new and interesting one.

Let's just hope it's a real bad case of shin splints and it will clear up soon and I'll be back out there running away and qualifying for Boston in no time at all.

And I may hit the lottery and live on a private island in the Caribbean. Sure it could happen, but I doubt it.

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