Sunday, August 23, 2009

The PRs they are a'changin

Finally got out with the club on Saturday for a long run. I don't even remember the last time I met up with them because of conflicts, travel, injury, and whatnot. It was good to have someone to run with again. We did the Strawberry Hill 10 mile loop and mysefly, Dave, and Johnny setting a decent pace. Tracey and Jeff were close behind. Of course Dave and I were the only ones who hadn't already run several miles, but that's just splitting hairs.

After regrouping we set out to do three more but the increasing stomach craps from the illness my children passed on to me forced me to bail after only a third of a mile. Oh well, ten is better than none; I'm good with that distance.

Today was the Butterfly 5K in North Attleboro: a race I have been looking forward to since it has a net elevation change of about 70 feet. Excellent. The first mile is downhill and I managed to do it in 5:42. Again, excellent. I eeked out an 18:41, which is a new PR, and I was pretty happy with that. Not extatic but happy given my almost two weeks off. I had hoped to do around 18 flat, but I'll take it.

Best part of the race came a bit after mile 2 as we turned into the subdivision. As I ran by a spectator yelled out "Donny Burke looking good!" Or something like that. Holy crap, Don was behind me! That's never happened before. I then decided that he would not be passing me. With determination I struggled forward towards the finish.

Unfortunately I thought the first left was the finish so I kicked in a surge. It was not the finish. I managed to hold on until the end but gave up a few spots because of my premature kick (I hate being premature). But I beat Don! With that and a new PR I was pretty psyched at the finish. Well, nearly sick, exhausted, really tired, thirsty, and then psyched. Good to be back out there.

I should note that Don ran in the 100 on 100 relay last week so he was not at 100%, but I'm still pretty excited to have actually beat him for once.

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