Friday, October 16, 2009

Go time, again.

Two days from BayState and my attitude still sucks.  Then I got this post this morning from el Presidente and thought to myself, "You know, suck it up.  Either you finish or you don't.  You destroy every bit of your legs or you learn from the experience.  Deal with it."  And then I began to feel a bit more positive.  I don't have to set a PR.  I don't have to run fast.  Technically, I don't have to run at all.  So if I'm going to do it, do it right and have some fun (as much fun as you can have running 26.2 miles that is).  Think positive, run positive, live to run another day.

Now if only the weather would cooperate...

The post:

What it takes

Just because you seem to be at a disadvantage is no reason to give up. Instead, resolve to push forward with consistent, focused effort.

Those who achieve are not necessarily the smartest, or the wealthiest, or the best connected. Those who achieve are those who are the most persistent.
Your level of commitment over the long term is a much bigger factor than any relative advantages or disadvantages that may exist when you first start. Choose where you would like to go, and keep making the effort until you get there.
Be willing to do what it takes, and you can achieve whatever you wish. Instead of worrying about where you are when you begin, put your energy into making steady progress.
If you can take one step and then another, you'll get where you choose to go. So take the first step right now, and then begin working on the next one.
You owe it to yourself to live life at its best. Now is your opportunity to make that life happen.

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