Monday, October 5, 2009

Rome Blvd 5 Mile

My first post-High School team event. And there was money on the line. 5 brave GNRCers embarked on a journey to best the evil Wamps and capture the prize at the Rome Blvd 5 Miler; previously the Ro-Jacks race.
Weather-wise it was a typical October day, if your typical October day is overcast, warm, and humid. But at least it was the first 5 miler of the year that it wasn't raining for. Unfortunately we were beset with bad new on arrival: due to severe nerves Tracey had dropped out of the race. Well, it may have been a back injury but whatever. Fortunately Maureen was more than willing to anchor the team.
9:45 rolled around and we were ready for the start (seriously, who starts a race at 9:45?). Then there was a reshuffling of the runners: 2 milers on the right, 5 milers on the left. Ok, sorted, let's begin nope, still more people coming. La la la. Now? No, more people? Ok.
Hey look, Al Cerrone is going to talk. Ok, let's go. Oh yeah, national anthem time. Excellent. Now can we go? No. Really?
Oh a guest starter. Did you bring the pistol. No worries, we can wait for you to find it. Ok, go time. Pull the trigger and...try again. Still nothing. Crowd's getting restless, just say go.
So 20 minutes later we start. Within the first half mile my legs were dead due to all the standing around. It was going to be a long race.
And it was. Had to fight the whole way and just couldn't get into a stride.
Oh and a tip for all you new, young runners: if you plan on doing 8-minute miles do not take off doing a 5:30 pace. You will get tired, quickly.
Fast forward, after weaving around large packs of walkers I entered the track in time to hear Andy and David's names being called as they finished. Held on for the next 300 meters, again, dodging walkers (thanks for not giving me the inside lane!) and spurred on by the gaggle of GNRC juniors I finished with an exact time of 32 minutes. A bit slower than hoped, but respectable.

The team finished as follows:
Place Time Average AgeGrp AgePlc SexPlc Bib Name Town
  3   28:50  5:46    1 30-39    3 M    33 Zachary Laidley             East Walpole,MA                         
  7   30:05  6:01    1 40-49    7 M    31 Andrew Wilson              Westwood,MA                      
  9   30:22  6:04    5 20-29    9 M    34 David Woodruff              Westwood,MA                       
14   32:00  6:24    5 30-39   14 M   32 Jeff Putt                         Norfolk,MA  
21   33:38  6:44    2 40-49    2 F   113 Maureen Larkin              Walpole,MA

Unfortunately the Wamps beat us out. I know, anti-climatic end to my story but you'll just have to deal with it.

P.S. Shout-out to the wife for completing the 2-miler while pushing both of the kids.

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