Saturday, October 31, 2009

I came in 2nd and all I got was a hat

Technically though, I got the hat for first in my age group, not my second place finish. There were no prizes for placing except for first.

The race was the first Norfolk Monster Dash 5K. Checking out the crowd at the start I figured I had a good shot at a top 3 finish and this was confirmed after finding myself in the lead early on. Of course by that I mean it was myself and a few young kids who managed to keep a 5 minute pace for about 50 yards.

Soon I was joined by an actual rival, the president of the Wamps and as he put some distance my dreams of a win were fading. But all that was ancillary to the fact that the lead motorcycle was turning onto the wrong street! "No!" I yelled, but at those speeds the sound was quickly left behind. This was going to knock some distance off.

I settled into second place as our positions solidified. The Wamp was a bit too far ahead to catch and third place was far enough back for me to hold him off. They took a different route back so it actually ended up being almost exactly a 5kn it was maybe a tad long (3.12 miles).

So I finally captured my first top 3 spot which is great even if I didn't run particularly great. Ended up at 19:28 which is around a 6:15 pace. Ok, but I was hurting the whole race. Some days you are on and some days just take more work.

The second place finish was definitely a treat, the trick was the on-the-fly course redesign. Happy Halloween.

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