Wednesday, March 25, 2009

26.2 to go

Got an email from the BAA reminding us that there is only 26.2 days to go until the marathon. I can only hope that my body stays together long enough to make it.

The past couple of runs I switched up my shoes and have been using a pair of Asics GT-2130, size 10(4e). I had originally bought these as a pair of regular wear sneakers but they never fit right; too much movement in the heel and a weird arch feeling in the right foot. But when I wear them with a thicker pair of socks they seem alright. Unfortunately I am still dealing with the healing blisters so it is hard to tell if they are making it worse or if they will turn out to be ok. I have a 22-miler scheduled for Saturday so that will be the deciding factor on whether they become the go-to shoes.

I did my first set of hills today in a long while. I guess the benefit of working on Beacon Hill is that the available hill routes aren't lacking. This is the elevation chart of what I did today:

Why yes, there are a couple of 19-20% grade sections.

The Inguinal has been silenced to a low murmur, the calves are feeling alright, and only the shins are aching so things are looking good. Two more weeks of hard training and then the taper into the race. Now we just have to start thinking about the weather for Patriots Day.

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