Friday, March 20, 2009

Tick, tock...Tick, tock...

One month until the marathon. Yipes.

Today I am going to talk about shoes. My wife thinks that I am obsessed with shoes because a have quite a few pairs, but she is wrong. In fact, I am obsessed with finding a pair of shoes that actually fit properly. Every pair I own has something wrong with them. Some are too tight, some are too loose, some do horrible things to my feet.

At some point in the past few years my feet have become significantly wider which has made finding a comfortable pair of shoes a nightmare. Ones that used to fit just fine have suddenly become unwearable. Every new pair I have bought for the past two years have been poor fitting. Just recently I bought my first wide (4e) pair which seemed to fit pretty good. A week later I have come to realize that the heel slips so I have to keep the laces too tight to stop it which leads to a pain on the top of my foot. Add to that the weird arch that is digging into my right foot and then you realize what I have to live with. Constant pain and annoyance.

Not a good situation. After some hard running the last thing I need is crappy shoes. I need shoes which will pamper my feet and make them feel like they are warm and snug. But don't think this is limited to casual shoes, I have just as much problem with my running shoes. The blisters they leave are always a fun treat.

How hard can it be to find shoes that fit? That's all, just fit! I don't care if they are some super cool brand or if they make everyone jealous, just fit and feel good.

So for now I will hobble along on my ill-fitting shoes dreaming of a day when a magic fairy will wave her wand and give me the best pair ever.

Oh yeah, run went ok today. Heck of a headwind on the Cambridge side on the way back that had me struggling. One month to go. One month to go.

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