Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What Ho Boston!

The snow on Monday may have kept me from getting out (running that is, work was not cancelled) but the sun was out today. The perfect day for doing some mile repeats! Even the bitter cold felt like a warm tropical breeze by the time I was finished.

Mmm, tropical breeze....

Which brings me to my F-U of the day. Today's recipient to feel my scorn is the City (or People's Republic) of Cambridge. Somehow Boston manages to keep the entire length of the river mostly free of snow and ice but Cambridge has apparently decided to selectively plow their sidewalks. Some parts are great while other parts require a team of sled dogs to get through. Thanks for (not) going that extra mile Cambridge. F-U.

Whoever made the cross-country skiing tracks that I was running next to seemed to have the right idea. Oh what fun it is to slide on a wide-open patch of snow! Ho!

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