Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bring on the heat!

A tepid 88 degrees out there today made for an unusually warm run. First time back out since the marathon, I did about 2.5 miles to get the muscles going again. Right calf still feels like someone whacked me with a pipe and it was definitely an issue during the run. Tendon behind the right knee is also still a bit sore but other than some minor aches I feel alright. Perhaps 5 hours of paintball on Saturday was not the best way to get the legs to heal but what are you going to do.

This was also the inaugural run of my new pair of Mizuno Inspire 4. So far they feel good, the middle-outer part of the right shoe was not digging into my foot like other shoes have been. A few more runs will be required to make a final determination but so far so good. And just in case you were wondering, they are blue.

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