Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dream racing

I had my first dream about the marathon last night and it wasn't good. I still didn't have a good pair of shoes to wear, I was wearing a cotton t-shirt and basketball shorts. Weird. The start of the race was a running start out of some woods and the first three people trip causing a do-over. Oh yeah, I also had completely failed to pick up my number so I wasn't even going to be able run the marathon. There seems to be some psychology behind this dream.

Lots of other stuff happened (Vin stealing jackets, etc) but those are the highlights. I blame myself stressing out about my shoes and the lingering leg pains. There is a whole psychological whirlwind blowing in my head messing with my stuff.

So I went and bought another pair of shoes today. Mizuno Elixir 4. So far they feel alright so I will get out on them and see what happens. Time is running short, the marathon draws near.

Maybe I will walk over to Copley next week to see the freshly painted finish line; it was still old and faded today. That may perk me up and get me all excited. I always have such a love/hate relationship with races. They are always fun (when finished) and I am glad I do them. It really is the best way to enjoy the sport and test your limits not to mention it is a nice treat for working so hard. But I always get so nervous before the big ones (and some of the small ones) because I just want to do my best and hit my goal. Usually the nervousness wins out and I am just a bundle of nerves for the week before. I guess that is why all this crap with the shoes is freaking me out, I should be stressing out about whether or not I am going to fall flat on my face halfway up Heartbreak Hill and not worrying about how my shoes will hold up.

Time to think of the positive. 26.2 all the way. I've done some decent sized races with a good crowd at the end, but I don't think I have ever done anything approaching this magnitude. I know for sure that this is definitely going to be interesting.

12 days and 1800 dollars to go.

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  1. I hope the new Mizuno's will work for you. Now about the dreaming, you are not alone. I dream all the time and it's prety weird stuff. I go to races with one snekear, or I am so late that the race take off with out me. I have way to many dream to share. I guess this is only normal, I think! We need to start thinking positive and just breath. One a day a time. Pain will be only temporary but pride will be with us for ever. Maria