Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Getting down to the wire here. I have pretty much stopped running to give the back of my knee some time to heal. I will get out on Sunday for a few miles as a warm up for the big day.

I have settled on a pair of Mizuno Elixir 4 for the race. They aren't perfect; they rub me in a few places and are maybe a bit stiff in the heel but I hope they work well. I also picked up a pair of Superfeet insoles today to see if they are any good. I will walk around on them for a few days to test. So far the arches feel a bit high but they say they take a few days to settle in. If not I'll just throw in the original insoles.

The weather for Monday isn't looking great. Possible showers. Great.

At this point I just want to get the marathon going. Without the strict training I'm getting lazy and starting to lose my focus. It's like I am on vacation and can just do what I want to without consequence. Gotta stay focused. Just gotta keep thinking about crossing the finish line.

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  1. Jeff, you are playing smart. I know about loosing the focus. I'm on the same boat. I keep on thinking that I should have run more miles. But the past is the past, I can't change that. Now we need to live the moment and enjoy everty second of it. Live the dream because you are running the Boston Marathon. Good luck!! Maria