Friday, April 17, 2009

Home stretch

Marathon weekend is looming large. Only a few more days until the race. This past week I have mellowed out a lot, probably because I have done virtually no running. It's been a kind of suspended time of just waiting around waiting for something to come.

Now that I am off to the expo today the familiar anticipation and nerves are starting to creep back in. The nervous excitement I always get before big races. What is the weather going to be like? The crowd? The course? Will I run well or will something go wrong? All those thousands of questions, fears, uncertainties will continue to plague me for the entire weekend, obsessively running through my head again and again. They'll keep bothering me, building the tension and trepidation which in turn will force me to focus more and more on what's to come which will then lead me back to the same questions and doubts. This will go on for days, culminating in Monday morning when I will become obsessively compulsive about everything I do, and eat, and feel, and think, right up to that moment when, finally, the gun goes off, the crowd begins to move, and there is nothing left to do but run.

And all that doubt, nervousness, and uncertainty fades away with every stride. There is nothing but the rhythm of the run and the inevitable finish line. All is right once again.

Thanks to everyone that supported me, it really means a lot. See you at the finish.

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