Friday, May 8, 2009

Clawing my way back

Three good runs this week. The knee continues to be a problem but it has decided to just settle into a pattern of constantly reminding it is injured but not being too painful. Unfortunately it is affecting how I run but so far only slightly. I have taken the route of working through it until it has healed. As if that has ever happened before.

Mt Washington continues to loom large and therein lies the concern. I know I can run a marathon with my knee like this but uphill is where it is weakest. Just another obstacle to overcome I guess. I have set a target finishing time for Mt Washington somewhere between 1 and 7 hours so I hope I can stick to that pace.

Warm weather is here. The locker room at work is crowded once more. Actual sunlight during runs is a real bonus. Happy days. Happy days.

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  1. I know Mt Washington, is almost here. My right knee is also given minor aches. I know getting to the summit is going to be painful. But is the only race that I can walk. Happy training. Maria