Tuesday, May 19, 2009


As the warm weather returns to Boston some of you ladies out there have made your way down to the river and can be found lounging on the grass or the docks in your bikinis and what-nots. On behalf of all us runners, thank you. Good to have you back making our runs a bit more interesting. And to all you young ladies out there running in your tank tops and other sundry running-top-thingies, we thank you as well. Your passing is always a feast for the eyes.

Alright, time for a wrap-up of the past few days.

Went out with the club for just shy of 11 miles. Felt good the whole run except for some minor pain in the knee late in the run. Pace was good and the weather held out nicely. Got pretty tired and worn-out afterwards but that still didn't stop me from painting the running boards on my truck.

Rain. I was scheduled to head down to Plymouth for a 5K but with Catie being sick I wasn't about to drag her out in the rain. So I helped out Vin with moving the last of his stuff out of their old house and then hit the hot tub. That's the kind of training I need more of.

I decided to do stairs. I found a garage where I could do five stories of stairs. Luckily that particular stairwell was mostly hobo-pee free so I didn't have to deal with that. Did about 7 or 8 sets without much difficulty so that was nice.

Speedwork today. Got the notice that the Handicap Mile is a few weeks away so I figured I should get out and do some speedwork; I've been slacking a bit on that. Did 6.5 miles total. Starting at mile one I would do a quarter-mile fast and then a quarter recovery. Repeat until around mile 4 or so. Started off around 6:30/mile and worked it down to about 5:50/mile pace. Good stuff, but now I'm tired. Looks like I will be seeded at around 5:50/mile for the race so I better get out there some more so I don't embarrass myself.

Qoute of the day: "Follow your dreams. You can do it. I'm living proof. Beefcake!!"

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