Monday, July 6, 2009

Fun-filled Fourth

What a great weekend. Started it by heading down to the Cape on Thursday night to visit Nana and just kick back for a couple of days. After the obligatory delay at the bridge (see my last post which should be renamed "Morons On High") we made it to Harwich for some relaxation.

Woke up Friday morning, managing to get a few more hours of sleep after a 4AM wake up call from the kids, and kitted up for a long run. With everything in place I waved by to the family and headed out for a couple hours of alone time. Just me and my podcast soaking in the beauty of the Cape. And the tourists.

A fog blanketed the peninsula that morning, keeping things cool but limiting the panoramas. I ran down to Chatham in hopes of some nice stretches along the water but the weather just wasn't ready to give up its grip so the best I could get was some glimpses of the waves. Beyond that was all grey. Anyways, to make a long run short I put in a great 14 miles and spent the rest of the day with the family having some fun. The weather turned great and a trip to the beach ensued.

Saturday, it was time to get serious. Pack up the car and head for home because it is race time. Made it to Norwood in plenty of time and got ready for the big Firecracker 5K.

Everyone got lined up at the start and soon enough the gun went off! Well, it was actually a bullhorn and it kind of whimpered a bit at the beginning instead of a really loud siren, but you get the point, it was go time! I settled into a nice brisk pace for the long stretch down the main street and was feeling great until we started to head into South Norwood. Suddenly before me there was a platoon of WWI soldiers, or so I thought. As I got a little closer I realized that they were actually German WWII soldiers. Oh no! The Germans are back! I thought. But then I ran by them and got back to thinking about the race.

Made it to the halfway point and on the turn back passed the guy pushing the baby stroller. Ha ha! Take that! As I turned around there was Maria right on my heels. Yipes, she was flying! Back through South Norwood, back up the hill, past the Germans who were not as amusing to me this time by, and heading towards the center of town. Just after mile 2 I got passed by the lead female. This spurred me along to pick up my pace a bit and try to keep her close or even pass her. I had been getting progressively closer to Keith but he was way too far out for me to catch so I focused on staying with the lead female. We blazed through the town down the final stretch and she had enough to fend me off and finish a few seconds ahead. I looked down at my watch and saw 18:48, that tied my PR! Unfortunately the official time came out as 18:49 so a new PR was not to be but nonetheless, I was very happy with that time. If I hadn't slacked off during the second mile I could have broken my record. Next time.

What a showing the club had. The highlights include:
Don, Keith, and myself all finished in the top ten as well as capturing first in our age groups.
Maria was the third female overall! (and I would like to point out that the two girls in front of her were both in their twenties. Go Maria!)
Maureen and Tracey were second and third in their age group.
Michael was third in his age group.
10 club members finished in the top 35!
Great job everyone. What a great Fourth.

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  1. Awesome race report. You had a terrific race. I had a very good race too. I went way to fast for me. I lost my rymthim/pace on the way up the hill.