Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One fish, big fish

I continue to slog out the miles. Easy four on Monday and then some speed work on Tuesday. I figured I would head over to the MIT track, since it is the only one remotely close to me, to make the mile repeats easier to pace and control. Of course there was a nice cloud cover and some rain, why change that? The track is about two miles away so I ran over and then began the workout. All in all pretty good but unfortunately I had wildly underestimated the total distance I would cover and my 6 mile workout ended up at over 7 miles. Yikes, not sure I will be doing that again.

Today I managed to mangle another workout. It was scheduled as an easy four but I decided to run over to a part of the Charles that has exercise stations so I could so some pull-ups and stuff instead of trying to cram them in tonight. Turns out it was a little over 2 miles just to get there but no big deal. Worked out a bit and then took off back to work. But now I was tired (being out late last night to see the Sox win didn't help. Nor did the several beers consumed at said game) so I figured I would mix it up, go over the Fiedler Footbridge and up Beacon street. Somehow that turned into me choosing a route through Beacon Hill that hit the steepest grade of every street I chose. So my easy 4 miler turned into almost 5 miles with a workout in the middle, an initial two miles that were more tempo pace than laid back, and some hills. A mash-up workout.

As I ran along one of the pools that line the Charles I caught a glimpse of some ripples and thought it was odd, no dicks or geese anywhere. Then I saw it again so I stopped. As I was watching a gigantic fish, trout I believe, started jumping out of the water. This thing was huge! It did that a few times and then was gone. It must have become stuck in the pool because there is only one way in and out. Totally random but very cool. The funny part is that I had just passed a guy sitting by the river with his fishing line in the water hoping to catch something. He chose his spot poorly.

Yesterday I went on a race frenzy and signed up for the Attleboro 5K this Sunday, the CVS Downtown 5k, and wait for it....the Bay State Marathon! I made it official and am locked in. Of course I managed to screw up the registration but what else is new? So I will be joining the five other members of the club who have registered thus far. Let's hope I can actually stay healthy enough to make it to this one.

What the fish may have looked like.

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