Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Away we go

Week one of the four month schedule is barely half over and already I'm looking to cut out workouts. I switched up today's scheduled 4 miles for 6 miles instead and may take off tomorrow to let the legs settle before the 14 miler I have planned for Friday. That got moved up because of the 5K in Norwood on Saturday. Gotta make sure I rest up for that so I can put in a good showing for the club!

Tempo run on Tuesday went well, nothing too crazy just 7:35 pace over four miles. Problem is I went out and did 6 miles today that averaged out to a 7:46 pace. I either have to slow it down on the easy runs or pick it up on the tempo runs. What to do...

At least I managed to get in a good run before this hit!!!

It was only a mild sprinkle while I was out, not this end-of-the-world hail and brimstone storm.

Got to see the fireworks barge put into place on the Charles yesterday. Not very exciting but that whole area is already turning into a mob scene. I swear I ran by cameras set up already for the news channel. Not the ones that will be filming the concert or fireworks, the mobile ones used for on the scene reporting. What the hell are they reporting on already?

"This is Chucklehead Ramsey on the banks of the Charles. Behind me you can see the workers putting up scaffolding and running wires for the concert in three days from now. Out on the water you can see the fireworks barge has been put in place. Nobody is on it at the moment and won't be until at least Friday. So here is some footage of the geese found here by the water. Ned, Julia, back to you."

"Thanks Chucklehead for that riveting report. We will keep you up to date on all the latest news coming from the Hatch Shell as they get ready for the pops concert, three days from now."

God I hate the local news.

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