Monday, May 16, 2011


I had a dream the other night; I showed up to run the Virginia Beach Half-Marathon.  I knew that is what it was because I told myself that, otherwise everything about the place was completely wrong.  It's one of those weird things about dreams that the setting was completely different from the actual reality and yet it didn't matter.  There was a beach in the dream but that is the only similarity between real life and what I was seeing.

As I approached the registration area it quickly became obvious that things were going off the rails.  They had difficulty finding my registration in the computer (seriously, what race has computers at the registration?) and it took awhile to work it out. Finally I found out that I was in wave 0 (remember, it's a dream here) which was obviously the first wave to start.  As she told me this I could hear the gun go off and the race had started.  So I asked if I could just run in a later wave but she was not too thrilled with this idea.  Basically it was a no. Off I slunk back to wherever I had come from; pissed off and disappointed.

When I woke up all I could think was "What the hell was that all about"?  We've recently been discussing the legs and breakdown of the relay coming up in June so maybe that's what triggered it.  Or maybe all the training I've been doing is messing with my head and stressing me out.  Or it could just be a dream.  After all, sometimes dreams are just dreams.  Either way, they're always fun if not a tad bizarre.

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  1. I like the theory that dreams are your brain running simulations of things that would be difficult or impossible to test in real life, like: "What would I do if I went sky-diving out of this plane but found I was wearing a swimming float instead of a parachute?" Maybe your brain was simulating what to do if you were way late to a race and it started without you.

    Or...yeah. Maybe it was just a dream.